About the Panamá HELPLINE (NHN)

The Panamá HELPLINE is a community safety organization based in the interior of Panama.

Our coverage area is from Chamé in the East, to Penonomé in the West, including the communities of Altos Del Maria and El Valle, with our towing service being nation-wide.

Our primary objective is two-fold :  Advocacy, where we speak for you, our members, to ensure your concerns are  heard at all levels - local, provincial and national.

The most obvious service we offer is the Panamá HELPLINE (Neighbors Helping Neighbors),                   where we play important roles in the following areas:


PH acts as the community liaison with the National Police, the Attorney General, the Minister of National Security and Tourist Police services.
Our goal is to work with these agencies to help make Panama safer for all residents.


PH assists members with safety and security news, articles, seminars and information. PH works in conjunction with other local safety organizations such as Vecinos Vigilantes (Neighborhood Watch) who provide safety workshops, self-defense classes and home security audits to advise you on ways to make your home safer.

The Panamá HELPLINE is not a police force - we are a community safety group funded by our members.
 is not interested in drug smuggling, money laundering or other non-violent crimes - we are only interested in    crimes -  particularly violent crimes - against our members.

The Panamá HELPLINE is a 24/7, 365 day/year EMERGENCY HELPLINE - which is basically a 911-type bilingual service combined with a AAA Roadside Assistance. (See "How the HELPLINE works").


To aid in the arrest and conviction of criminals who do attack our members, PH advises victims on how to bring their attackers to justice, how to hire detectives to investigate these crimes, etc.
These detectives work for the victims, and turn all evidence over to the appropriate Prosecutor's Office.

They were responsible for the arrest of two gang members recently who brutally attacked guests dining in San Carlos.


PH has a criminal law expert who understands the two legal systems currently in force in Panama: The Inquisitive System (Provinces of Panama and Chiriqui) and the new Accusatory System (now in force in all other Provinces).

It is in all of our members' interests to not only have these vicious criminals caught - they need to know that if you   attack anyone in the interior - there are serious consequences.


PH helps victims report their crimes properly (in Spanish) to the Public Ministry and the DIJ, and if injured, to be seen by a Legal Doctor.

Without proper reporting, your crime will not be investigated.

PH membership is open to all residents living in the interior -


PH coverage is from Penonomé to Chamé - including El Valle and Altos Del  Maria - our operators are bilingual - so encourage your Panamanian friends to  join, too.

Give the Panamá HELPLINE number to your  maid, gardener, visitors, guests and other family members.

You do not  have to live in the interior full time - you are covered, even if you are a just a guest. You are still our neighbor.

Membership is annual, and it is for the entire household - everyone in your  household is covered under your membership.

Multiple homes or addresses,  requiring multiple directions for emergency services will require separate  memberships.

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