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The Panamá HELPLINE number should be used for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Any questions or issues should be addressed to :  bettyhelpline@gmail.com  This address

should be entered/pasted into your personal e-mail server. (it is NOT always a direct link) 

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With the Panamá Helpline, You Will Never Be Alone Again

If you get a flat tire driving home at night - stay in the car and call the HELPLINE

The operator will send someone to either repair your tire or tow you to safety.  You will have to pay for the tire and/or the tow truck - but you do not have to venture out alone at night to find a repair center.               Think of the Panamá HELPLINE as your AAA in Panama (or CAA for our Canadian Members).

Have an Accident?  Having a heart attack?  Experiencing, or just experienced a crime?...

Speed dial the HELPLINE and the closest ambulance or police are on the way -

The Helpline Does Work  

In late May 2013, five masked gunmen jumped out of the dark to rob a restaurant in San Carlos. They brutally robbed and beat four guests and the gringo owner.

The guests were from Boquete, Chiriqui, the western-most province in Panama. Once they got untied, the victims called the AaC emergency HOTLINE which is run by the local community safety organisation in Boquete: Alto Al Crimen.


Who We Are

The Panamá HELPLINE (originally Neighbors Helping Neighbors-NHN) is a community safety organization based in the interior of Panama.

Our coverage area is from Chamé in the East, to Penonomé in the West, including the communities of Altos Del Maria and El Valle.  Towing services are country-wide.
Our primary objective is two-fold :  Advocacy. where we speak for you, our members, to ensure your concerns are heard at all levels - local, provincial and national.
And, the most obvious service we offer is the Panamá HELPLINE. However, our HELPLINE also plays important roles in the following areas:


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